You used to talk about your scars,
But now you rarely mention them.
I don't notice them,
But they're present despite
My gaze past the long


Six Months Ago
Patrick Attaway

En este angustioso ni ser ni estar
en este respirar trabajosamente
te leo para no morir
tomo café para no comer


irina maribel cruz garrido

Lonely is the creek

In-space: harbour the visit inside ya


J.G. Smith

the heron is artifice
sucking dry the golden pool
neck straining against the diseased sun

the fire, silent, still


J.G. Smith

After my cousin's funeral party,
I met a girl with plain
blue eyes, brown hair, and white skin,
yet the way she offered
to get me a drink


Crying on Bukowski's Shoulder
Patrick Attaway

Becoming a Spirit Once Again
By Charles Anthony (Palmatier) September 9, 2016

I think I was once a spirit, long before I was born,
And in my heavenly realm there wasn’t any scorn.


Becoming a Spirit Once Again
Anthony Palmatier

Taking The Path of Unforeseen Risk
By Charles Anthony September 9, 2016
I wonder where this untrodden path goes,
Since I don’t see even a single sign.
I asked someone, but nobody knows,


Taking The Path of Unforseen Risk
Anthony Palmatier

I have thought
so much about her
that my thoughts--
if they were electric--
those thoughts about her


I sing the desire electric

If I could bench
Behind a ten pound
Typewriter with off white
Paper and red wine
With a cat nearby


Waxing Bukowski
Patrick Attaway