If I could bench
Behind a ten pound
Typewriter with off white
Paper and red wine
With a cat nearby


Waxing Bukowski
Patrick Attaway

The Hammer, the Nail and the Staples

By Charles Anthony August 10th, 2016

A Nail and hammer walked along the apex of a roof.


The Hammer, The Nail and The Staples
Anthony Palmatier

By Charles Anthony August 10th, 2016

Through a deep dark forest I slowly walk,
Looking downwards and to myself I talk.


Anthony Palmatier

There'll be more nights
with your face squished
against my arm,
those tattoos swarming
my sight


Forcing Me to Breathe
Patrick Attaway

Though I predict a scenario
The perfect one always
Arises out of my vision's
Failure to inhibit reality.
I drove us out of town,


My Wedding Plans
Patrick Attaway

After so long gone,
I no more chant
my war-song.
She reflects peace
back to me and


Back (Sequel to "Missing")
Catherine Cronin

my grandma, a rhubarb pie.
tart from the garden,
sweetened with that white goodness.
it turns her lips into roses.
it smells like Christmas morning in February.


My Mom's Colon and the Holidays
Roxanne Smith

Yellow eyed, gray cat
tears open a pink
vinyl flower
and asks me to take him
home to you.


Gray and Black Cats
Patrick Attaway

Lament of a poet;
It was another rejection note,
delivered wih a flourish by the mailman,
another nail to my ambition,
compliment of a famous publisher,


a poet laments
raghunathan t.k.