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DigitalVerse is Ending 10/11/18.
So what happened?

It was financial. The site only costs about $200 a year to maintain. Originally we were hoping advertising would cover it, but nobody clicked on the ads. From advertising we netted the sum total of 1 check for $100. So we changed to a user subscription model, 1 year of upgraded service for $12. Only one person bothered to subscribe. We thanked her immensely and gave her a full refund.

From the beginning we had promised to never rip people off (especially in the way that had been doing) or to try to profit by selling people's personal information. We held true to that promise.

In hindsight, maybe that was a mistake.

It is good to remember that nothing is free. While $200 a year may not seem like much, it overlooks the thousands of hours spent coding the site, trying to promote the site and reseting all of those lost passwords. The 2017 site overhaul alone took 715 hours of work. What did we get for it? Poetry postings about how much people hated the new site.

Thank you for that.

Seriously though - thank you - because it was the truth. Digitalverse's time ended long ago. The reboot was a lost cause that should have never been attempted in the first place. And so now we are closing down. The site will remain open so people can get their work off of it (click here to consolidate your work into a collection and download it) but by 10/11/2018 will be gone.

-JD McDonnell
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